Hello Friends! BE +

Hey Friends, Hello….

As it is, I am penning down my first post, so I in actuality needed something very pertinent and proper to shoot across to all of you as my first full fledged post. My write or post has to be such that it fills all the space & vacuity that has been fashioned by the elongated nonappearance at my written end. So Friends, here I am saying my good morning to you & pouring down something really worth sharing. And nothing to start up with what I actually am…..and what I want the world to be……POSITIVE

When we all are moving further on, in this so identified 21st Century, there are countless things that make us pessimistic every time. Avariciousness has taken the place of almost each and every facet of Human life; there are very few things that provide us a representation of looking at life with a positive frame of mind.

So here in, I am forwarding to you a video (please follow the following link:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2306564737364)  which is unquestionably going to encourage you to be positive all the way through life. If you already are optimistic, then it’s certainly going to add a few more steps to that positivity. And if you think there is more of negativity and lesser optimism, then it’s a must see, to give you a reform & to change your attitude and thinking.

Go have a look at this wonderful, effective and actually positive piece of work. I am an optimistic to the nucleus, but for short time; breakdowns, agony and acquisitive ways of the world, in truth takes me aback, as I too am a human. But this presentation has really knocked me strong and marked an enormous outcome on my mind, i.e. that positivity really makes life worth living, and if you have it then, you should never leave it at any cost.

I hope you all will enjoy it and will actually take the message it has and live life positively, cent percent.(even if you may have seen it)…To end it up….Guys Come, What,  May…Lets be POSITIVE all through.

And yes dear friends, it would be nice know about your thoughts and comments on this small start.

Have a nice day & life ahead.

With Luck

Signing Off

From the Desk of

An Honest & common, But Out of The Crowd Human Being & Educator
“Zindigi bahut khoobsoorat hai. Phir woh chahe saat-sava-saat pound ki ho, Yaa phir sau gram ki…”


49 thoughts on “Hello Friends! BE +

  1. woowwwiiee….wot a start of urs over dis field of writing articles…..luvd it a loddd….
    y dnt u try ur luck in novels……..m sure u gonna be d nexCHETAN BHAGAT…..or evn mor dan dat…:))

  2. Hey! It’s a very good start to express your feelings and thinking and make the world better place to live. Of course your writing is remarkable. I would love to read more of these writings. It really gave me some lesson and inspiration to move in more positive manner.
    All the very best…
    Take care.

    • I am happy that you liked my small post and that it gave you some positive inspiration to help you be a better person. thank you so much for you felicitations for my writing..Well I hope I can keep up with the expectations you have from me and give you much better and worthy posts. Your wishes and applause are really appreciated. Besties to u too.

  3. A good trail to start the path of blogging. Optimism from a characteristic has developed into a core value which is necessary in today’s competitive world. When it comes to optimism I think animals are more optimistic than humans. Survival is the adjective of their life whereas we live in cacoon of care and support. Setbacks, grief and agony just not reduces our optimism but strengthen the same as in each and every adverse situation we come back strong with our belief and hope. To conclude optimism is a light which can flicker but not cut short~~

  4. Hey Good piece …… Its Optimism that makes the Life go….. don’t let any circumstances divert u…The stronger d wind…the stronger d roots….We grow more in hard times than in easy ones…. Keep going.

  5. firstly sorry that i read this one very late.bt i m,who read other post before the first…..bt really it is a very nice starting.and as i know that ur all step’s are successful. people liking this.u inspiring us a lot.nd u r also successful in making our thought’s positive.thank u very much.

  6. Hey, You don’t have to be sorry for such a pity stuff. It hardly matters whether you read this post first or last. The best part is you read it and felt that it was worth spending your precious time in reading it. Thank you very much for liking & appreciating my small initiative. I am happy that you & the other friends & readers are liking my stuff. Thank you also for considering my posts inspirational. I hope, I am able to keep this high standard you all have kept on me, in my coming posts.Please don’t thank me, still the pleasure is all mine Ayushi.

  7. positive thinking is boost our success ratio. thanks for blogger to aware youth
    akhlak khan shivpuri mp

  8. mene pura post to nahi padha par last line ke bo shakta hoon ki “ÿe mat soch ki zindgi me kitne pal hai, ye soch ki har pal me kitni zindgi hai.”

  9. you are right when you say so. we should always be positive in life…Come ,What , May….
    I really like the article….very much……Nice attempt

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