Oh! “Shit, I knew This All, but……………

Hi! Friends,

So what’s up? I hope my posts are interesting and worth the time you all give to it.

Today again, I would like to dedicate my post to the younger generation, who are the future of every parent as well as each country.

Guys, there are so many facts of life that we all know, but we still commit the same mistakes and errors, we shouldn’t actually be committing.

And when our elders or teachers or sometimes even our close friends remind us about these silly repeated mistakes, then most of us say, “OK, I have committed the same mistake again.”  “So what, I am 21 or may be 25 or may be 30 years of age, and I have so much time in life to learn and better myself.” Let me bloody learn my own way. You just keep your trap shut.”

Fine you want to learn your own way, but guys there are opportunities which will come by your door step, may be just once or may be twice & by the way, if you believe in luck then you may get a third chance too. But then that’s it.

Don’t you all think, that if we change our thinking process of taking everything so lightly and casually, then may be our lives would be much better and stable?

Why do we fail? How can we change better ourselves? What is the Success Mantra of Great Leaders?

Well the answer to all these questions, may most probably be in the small presentation, which I am sharing here with all of you. Check it, and I am 100% sure, most of you will say,

“Oh! Shit, I knew all this before, but I never implemented on it”.

And if that’s really what you say, then my dear friends just go ahead and get the learning into realistic and actual execution.

Ending with a beautiful quote, ” Successful people don’t do different things, they just do things differently.”

That’s it for the day. I hope you all will have a nice ride through the Post.

So, till the next one, let me park my pen in the mind’s parking.

Signing off

From the desk of


 Facts We All Know_But Only a F


52 thoughts on “Oh! “Shit, I knew This All, but……………

  1. Sir Aap ka article padh kar bahut acha laga. The presentation is very good.Yeh Students ko ek sahi disha dene main safal hai.

  2. sir, it is really very nice.this one is very inoperative.and sir, i already told you in MSG.abt my first step which i m gong to take in July.ye sab apki class attend karne k baad hi hua.now i know what i will have to do.thanx

  3. Thanks Ayushi for the like. Well I just am doing what I think I should be doing honestly, as an Honest Human Being & Educator. I just guided you the best way I could, but its your determination that you adhered to what I said. Otherwise I know of so many people who boast of doing so much, but they don’t prove their words by actions. I am happy and proud to have students like you, who value my guidance.Thanks again.

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  5. bilkl sahi kaha apny succesful people dont do different things they do things differently humy b lyf may kuch aisa karna chahiye jo common hoty huye b unique ho

  6. Well first of all thank you for reading the post and also for checking out the presentation. Now for your query, “attitude towards life shud b positive wat exactly it mean ?” . It simply means that in the crossroads of life, up and downs are the part and parcel. So we need to be firmly glued to our aim and move ahead to achieve it, no matter how many hurdles and obstacles may come, we should never give up. The Presentation directly clears our myth about certain “JARGON’S”, i.e. Hardwork, Knowledge, Love, Luck, Money, Leadership & Attitude. It tells us that, to be success full you just need one thing in totality, that is ATTITUDE. Remember a Person who has a POSITIVE ATTITUDE for him, “IMPOSSIBLE”, even says ” I M POSSIBLE”. THAT’S ATTITUDE. I hope my explanation satisfied you. Still you have any other query, then please feel free to escalate.

  7. really very inoperative.now i will ask my father about sent me outside for studies.and i will make my future.

  8. awesome thought………………..one should not give up easily but keep trying…..All powers, abilities, Confidence, support & beliefs which never belonged to us suddenly come alive when we say…I can do it….Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution….

  9. life does not stop at good or bad marks,a perfect example is me,i topped my school through out,and den was amongst the toppers of clg too,only to leave it and pursue music as a career,so a gr8 blog indeed 🙂

  10. First of all sir i would like to thank you very much for adding me in ur blog.
    Sir aapke article ki to me hi kya her koi bhi praise karega jo ise padhega kyoki aap to great ho or apki kalam to aap se bhi great he….

  11. Hey Omveer, Welcome my dear to Mythoughtjunction. Well thank you for such a beautiful and high compliment for my small endeavor. I am glad that you actually liked and could relate to the article. Thanks also for the like and appreciation.Hope you will enjoy reading my other posts in the blog.

  12. every post of urs is juz like a quick pep talk of 5 mins and u are fueled up with positive thoughts…..:)

    great job!!

  13. yes u r right sir beedh mai tho sabhi chalte hai per sucesss wahi hota hai jo use bheed se alag nikalkar aagee ki aur chale naki bheed chalta rahe a[ like sheep always depends on other and followed his near candidates finally fell down into the well }haaaaa thats true alwals do same thing but thoda hatkeeeeeeeeeee jara iam right na sirrrrrrrrrrjiiiii

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