The Bond of a Butterfly & a Pearl

Hey there, Good Morning to all

I am back with something different, and I hope you guys will like the small effort I have made. To the surprise of all, today I am not going to extend towards you an article, but my very first poem.

We all have our imaginative and real worlds. And we see all those things in our fantasy world, which in reality doesn’t exist. So we build our own world in our mind and heart, which is pretty different, and fairy then the existing real world.

So in the same process, I too dream and imagine, and somewhere in my thoughts I got this unique idea of a beautiful & loving bond between a butterfly & a pearl. So here I am sharing what I felt.

         The Bond of a Butterfly & a Pearl        

1. A December from the Social world of Orkut

There came a butterfly into a Pearl’s life.

2. The Butterfly was pretty and she could fly.

The Pearl a person simple, stupid and shy.

She was young, intelligent and wise

He an honest person, though as cold as Ice.

3. She impatient always wanting to fly high

He patient & always keeping her grounded, though with a sigh.

She as soft as feather.

He as tough as leather.

4. She aimed at the sky & so flew at her will.

Went far away for days & made his life come to a stand still.

She was very young and eager to run

He was there as a part of her fun.

5. At times she got carried away.

And tried going with the sway.

He was her true friend and there to stay.

At such situations he always brought her to bay.

6. Most of the times they fought and there was a lot of gag.

And thus, The Pearl became her natural punching bag

When she was sad he became her clown.

But when ever she looked at him she just gave a frown.

7. The butterfly appeared a thorough business woman

Her actions said she could make a Jack Ass of a common man

The Pearl an intelligent, angry but patient common man

Most of the times kept his cool like an Ice Chilled Thump-Up Can

8. The truth, the Butterfly cared and admired the pearl more then the Pearl did.

Her only fault, she never expressed what she actually in her heart did.

9. Her heart was as pure as gold

Which no one could buy, neither could it be sold.

To the materialistic, world let it be told

That the Bond of The Butterfly & The Pearl

 is more valuable than millions of Gold.

This poem of mine is dedicated to all the true friends, who really know the meaning of a real friend and are always there with their friends, come, what, May. They don’t have a price tag on themselves and just stand selflessly for the ones they call their friends.

Hey guys with Valentine’s Day round the Corner, let’s make healthy and good friendships, of which we all can be so proud of at the later stages of our life. Don’t mix filth and materialism with this great relation; known all over the world by the adjective –“True Friend”.

We all have our butterflies and pearl’s. So go catch hold of them, if you have abandoned them from your life. May be because of a mistake, an ego, a misunderstanding, or any damn thing. Just take the first step & say a Sorry. This would be the first & most appropriate use of this word in your life.

Well this is it for the day.

Guys I hope you liked this poem. It may not have had all the elements of a great poem, but then it’s my imagination and I hope, if you guys will give me two out of ten also for my efforts then I am satisfied.

Will be coming with more on the bond of the butterfly & the Pearl in near future.

Till the next

Be Healthy, Be safe. Make a nice day and life ahead.

Bye from the desk of



144 thoughts on “The Bond of a Butterfly & a Pearl

  1. I must say in this month of love your poem is heart warming. It made me nostalgic. The only problem is climax. It is my perception that it is abrupt. Really good work!!

  2. Hey Buddy, I am glad that you liked the initiative & thanks too for the appreciation. Well as far as the climax is concerned then my dear, if you remember after the poem I have remarked, that I will be coming with a lot more on the Bond of The Butterfly & The Pearl in near future. So may be then you will agree to this climax.The best part for me is that it made you Nostalgic…that’s it buddy

  3. Nice poem… With a good message… one does not always express the true feelings in words…but action speaks better than words….so just don”t wait for someone to express wat one feels about u in words…..If a person really cares for someone it cannot be hidden too long…..

  4. I think not only in friendship but in each & every relation; a sense of faith, a kind of sensitivity is must, then only that relation can survive otherwise it will be a burden. Though pearl’s personality has its own dimensions but still a butterfly is also unique in her own way. Both can not be compared. Osho says, comparison is ugly…u r unique…nothing in this world is like u, u r different. So, while maintaining our self-respect we should give love and respect to others also. THE KEY IS : I m the best but others are also doing good.

  5. My! My! Ms Oshin, What a personification. You are very right with whatever you have described above. And dear, my poem doesn’t depict the superiority of either the Pearl or the Butterfly. Its about true friendship and understanding. I have always believed that we all are a mixture of good and bad. No body is perfect & so if there is a bond of true friendship between two people, then each has to cope and bear the follies and vices of the other and try to help the other friend in overcoming them. The essence is that a true friendship and an honest & Selfless bond is worth a life, no matter how big the vice or folly of a friend may be. So to end I would say, “True and Selfless Friendship Zindabaad”.

  6. wow,beautifully written,i hav read keats,tennyson,shelley and many more and i hav always wondered that if poetry is about the message and the imaginative thoughts and feelings,why complicate it wid such difficult words, and make dis form of literature so difficult for the common people to read and appreciate..looking at ur poem i think it is vry well written for the fact that unlike many poets right now both in india and abroad ur not trying to boast your knowledge of the language,but hav used simple words to make a pearl of beautiful thoughts and imagination..

  7. I am Elated by your comment & appreciation for my small effort. And the way you have given the reference of great international Poets encourages me to be more simple and write better pieces in future. I hope I will be able to keep up with the high standards you have set for me in my coming posts. Thanks a life for your great appreciation. I am really happy that my poem could make you enjoy the bond of friendship.

  8. really very nice poem.everyone should read it. specially youngster should read it.nd should know what is true love.i liked it a lot.waiting for more.

    • Ayushi First of all thank you very much for liking and appreciating the small effort. Secondly, I am happy that you are liking my blog posts. I hope i will be able to keep up the standard you and other readers have put on me.

  9. bhaiya i cant tell u … what i m feelin after reading dis poem….. its da best ….. i lovd it ….. its so practical n so true… in jez few words u have conveyed a great message.
    i feel lyk reading it again n again
    dis da best of ol ….. i lovd it ,…. u r doin gr8 efforts bhaiya…. really appreciable .

  10. a beautiful poem revolving around d simple concept of friendship wid such a peculiar depiction of two contrasting characters through a butterfly and a pearl…
    and it often occurs in friendship where certain things may not be shown but can only be felt…here d emotions,silence n plight of d heart of one person can only be felt by d othr…such is d beauty of a selfless friendship ..
    really a nice piece of poetry..m truly attracted by d theme of d poem..great work ..keep it up 🙂

    • Well coming from your end, the appreciation really makes me feel elated. Thank you dear Ipsi for reading, liking and appreciating my small effort. I hope I can keep up with your expectations in the coming posts.

  11. so the butterfly embraced the Pearl when there was a storm? i can visualize it ,Buddy this is a very warm poem.

  12. The message of this poem means a lot for today’s youth and society. Well written. Looking forward for your future articles. Thanks for sharing such philosophical poem.

  13. Manav, Nice to see your thought junction. Don’t wait for the green signal to move on.. Just do it! U can. make it short and crisp then it will be more beautiful than this. Keep writing,,,

    • Hey Renju, welcome abode. Good that you had a ride through mythoughtjunction and liked it. Well point take will keep your suggestions in my mind before extending a poem in future. Yes I will keep this junction alive forever.

  14. well guess there is a lot of connection between life and nature when we see something that is a production of Prithveesh’s bag….!!!!

  15. the poem was great , it is picturic and reads itself ., yo think of relations a lot and mutual understanding is all needed in this world to survive

    • Dear Vijaya Ji, Welcome to Mythoughtjunction. I am glad that you enjoyed and liked my small effort. I agree with what ever you have said about relations. Thank you so much for liking and appreciating my efforts.

  16. very thought provoking sir and inspirational too . as far as friends are concerned i never needed them for my help in adverse circumstances still a very few are ready to help me any time. for sharing my thoghts too i dont need them because my family members have fulfilled it

    • Hey Siddhant welcome my dear to Mythoughtjunction. Good to see that you liked the poem. And its really good that you have your fundas and priority very clear in life. Yes with parents and our kith & Kin with us, we actually don’t need fair weather friends. And real, good and true friends don’t come with a price tag. Thanks my dear for you appreciation.

  17. i loved it as it reflects the basic nature of a girl who has lot of expectations from his partner,,,we all go through this stage when young but u have beautifully put them in the form of a peom… .my point of view the title should have been the ”bond of a butterfly and her flower” bcz no matter where ever she flies, she comes back to her flower and drinks the nector (his care). well thats just the way i feel as my comments………….anyways i loved it…all the best….

    • Hey Nikke, Good Morning. First of all, welcome my dear to Mythoughtjunction. Well I am really honored by your visit and also by your beautiful and so encouraging comment. I am really glad that you liked and enjoyed my small initiative. As far as the Title is concerned, then my dear Nikke, I have purposely made this title….Butterfly and Flower ke relation ke bare main toh ek fool ko bhi pata hoga, but then the bond I wanted to depict my poem with had to be “The Bond of A Butterfly and A Pearl.” Thats where Imagination rules….the seen…things…Thank you still for your Idea, and please when I said so, it doesn’t mean I didnt appreciate ur suggestion. But I just wanted to clear my vision to you. Thanks a Million for ur like and appreciation.

    • Dear Radha, Welcome to my thoughtjunction. Glad to see you aboard. Well so you liked the small initiative of Manavprithveesh. You enjoyed the poem, that’s the best I could get.Thanks for the like and appreciation.

  18. ”koshish se kya nahin hota…….where there is will, there is a way”….and here u proved it. Its inspiring for our upcoming generation and i wish that they learn something good via this poem 🙂 well done..keep it up

  19. Hey Nishi, Welcome to mythoughtjunction my dear. I am happy that my small initiative gave you some enjoyment. Yes my dear you are very true , I too wish that the younger Generation can learn something better from it. Thanks a life for your like and appreciation.

  20. Hey Sania, happy to see you liking and appreciating my small effort. Thanks buddy for your like and appreciation. Well with all your blessings, I am just bettering myself and my skills…Hope I can treat you with some great works in future.

  21. This is amazing VERY NICE thoughts of urs mind ya iam very very happy to read and to undersand the meaning of . i liked it also reguested to u plz continue ur imagined world its touches real meaning of living and goal what actually we want to


    • Wow so Tulika is really having fun through the journey of mythoughtjunction. Thank you for liking and appreciating my initiative. I will try my best to keep up to your expectation in my coming posts.

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