Think!!!!! Who is The Real Loser?

Namaskaar to all…Well again I am Back to share with you all an Itch…..that was resting in  mythoughtjunction since long.

                    It’s A  Dialogue between A person who can see and a blind:

The person who can see- “Thank God, I have eyes to see the beauty and creations of The God .I wish you too had eyes to see what all we can see. Must say sorry.”

The Blind Person-“Don’t worry. I am happy the way I am, for I can See the Creator Himself. i.e. The God, without what you all have. And please you don’t have to be sorry for us. Instead do something to make your world the way, the creator gave to you.”

The Person who Could see Left the place in Silence.

Message – Instead of showing sympathy to people who have lost some thing in their lives, feel pity at the virtues, values and manners you have lost. Be Sad at the loss of the Greatness you were born for.

The Blind Is Not Actually Blind…..We Are The Real Ones Who Can’t actually See….For We know That A Lot of Things & Actions are Bad, Unethical & Wrong…But We Still Do Them..& till Eternity We Will Keep Committing The Wrong.

 So Think Guys!!!!! Who Is The Real Loser In The Longer Run?????


58 thoughts on “Think!!!!! Who is The Real Loser?

  1. Once a maid servant of Sufi Saint Rabia called her n said, “oh Rabia come outside, see the beauty of this world. Inside the room u r sitting with ur eyes closed… leave the prayer and come, see the outer world. Rabia then replied,”dear, u pls come inside and see the creator who has made all the world beautiful. So, a blind man may be more contented than a man who can see.

  2. Sir, Jo baat aapne Likhi Hai woh sab ko pata hai. Lekin jis tarah se aap ne yeh baat yaahan apne blog main likhi hai woh kabile Taarif hai. You have really used nice creativity to present the common idea before us. An excellent Post.

  3. very wonderfully written 🙂 blind r the people who c injustice and prefer to close deir eyes to it,i hav suffered it myself too,so i can very much associate wid ur idea.

  4. mostly person think that if anyone have any problem then he/she is not able to it’s not right.
    ye baat pori tarah true hai “agar god kisi mai koi kabi chod dete hai to usme kuch to special jaroor dete hai.i m going to tell one thing that my sister give’s tuition to children’s. in that batch there is a girl who is nt able to speak nd she have excellent mint.she is very intelligent.nd she also have lot interest in everyone have right to he is poor or rich and blind or not blind

  5. its really awesome … n da way its presented is really really appreciable…. n excellent effort on ur part bhaiya… thnq u so much 🙂

  6. sir, u told in p.d class that.everyone want’s to b engineer, doctor, e.t.c. it’s right.why people don’t think about other activities.
    children who r not able to study math’s physics or bio. there parent’s should send them for the education of art .there r many art’s where they can get success.

  7. So true Ayushi. Lets hope the education system(CBSE, NCERT and other Education Organisations and Government) makes the appointment of a Career Counseler in Higher Secondary School across the country Compulsory soon, so that when students pass out from the school they have a lot of courses to choose from and not just the few mentioned above or known since decades.

  8. very true. sir, we should not mean someone. small. everyone have different talent.
    the children who r not able to study.they should get a chance to prove his/her self.

  9. very true… a very nice thought …very rightly put… we should never underestimate the power n abilities of others….. god has gifted everyone with some or the other ability n as a teacher it is our duty to recognize n polish that ability in a child n give him proper guidance…

  10. THATS TRUE IMAGE OF LIFE really sir jiiiii ii kamaal kar diooooooo veeerry nice and sensable thoughts of urs always keep continue urs sprit

  11. It has a very deep meaning in it.
    A new fan of yours. 🙂

    I will be updated now, with life and its meaning.
    Thanks a lot sir. 🙂

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