Is this The Education We Wanted For Our Children

Well friends, another one bite the dust. Treating you all with another itch, an article.

Dedicating my post to the younger generation, who are the future of every parent as well as each country.

So without speak much, I straight away bounce on the topic. Here we Go…………..

Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children

I was shocked when some months back, I came across a News…”Admission racket in DU busted, three arrested”

Well I was not shocked at the news, but at what was inside the news…A girl aspirant who had scored 91 per cent in Class XII, gets fake caste certificates for Rs. three to five lakhs for getting her admitted in B.Com course in the institution.

Hey, I mean after getting 91%, she still has to get fake caste certificates to get admitted to a Good College…. Isn’t it ridiculous…. At one end we talk about stopping corruption and at the very start of our children’s career they or we have to corrupt ourselves/themselves…. What sort of Education is this? What short of Democracy is this??????

Its time that the youth rises up, understands their potential, breaks the shackles and protests against all this Murky Business…otherwise…that day isn’t far when Humanity, Luv, Honesty, Hard work and Generosity would just be words only found in books, loosing their actual meaning and essence..

I am an educator, and I just love this profession. But today’s news has just…left jitters in my mind and heart…. Well if the seeds which the Farmer sows…start to rotten up in the beginning only, then how can their be a good yield…

The students who are the future of our Country, study hard to score good marks. And even after doing so they are not getting good colleges…Thanks to the system of merit and quota ………The same students who dream to be Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Singers, Dancers, and Photographers…etc…fight at bottom level with one another…..for the best opportunities……and when things get tougher…..they indulge into corruption……the few students did in the above-mentioned news……

I feel so pained and would strikingly ask the prevailing system that, “Kambakhton Kam ke Kam Students Ko to Baqsho….. and let them study peacefully in an healthier environment, to make a better country.”

Being an Educationist, I feel its our responsibility to vouch for our younger generations, who really want to Make A Difference. Well I am doing my small part and I promise I won’t stop.

At the end, I am forced to ask all the Parents and Elders that, “Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children?”

Please request all to take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and read the complete note and ask your friends too, to read, share and comment so that a small roar can be heard…

That’s it for the day. Have a nice ride through mythoughtjunction.

Will be treating you all with some more stuff…..very soon.

Till then, parking my thoughts.

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27 thoughts on “Is this The Education We Wanted For Our Children

  1. People are SICK. Actually. And many have proved that the world only runs by “paisa”. If education can be used to make black mon ey, we can very well imagine the future. -.-

  2. And the cycle goes on.
    This is what we are learning. If you are capable or not, money works every time and everywhere. Can imagine the future scenario.

  3. sir, you are right. reservation system is not good.because of it. every time the person who deserve the best they lose the chance. and sometime non deserving one gets the best. and this system is also responsible before the nonsuccessive of our country.

  4. India needs 1500 Universities to cater to the education requirements f ol its students. Currently we hv 300. These sad stats tell thtory..e s

    • Well that’s what the Irony is my dear Abhijay….and the system…is just worried about the votes…..never mind…we need to keep up the hopes….there will b a solution …someday…soon…

  5. reading this article..a fear comes to my mind…..i will also have to face same situation…..even our marks(which is only thing we have in our hands) cant decide our future, then what ????????

  6. well My dear Jeslin first of all thank you for visiting mythoughtjunction….and also for reading the post….Well you should never let negativity come into you…come, what , may…..I know the situation won’t be tailor-made for you,but it won’t be that bad too…..My post says that just believe in yourself…don’t take short cuts…….just don’t give up trying honestly and I am sure there will be a great way and life with an excellent opening for you dear…..KEEP THE FAITH LADY…..and need any assistance…then…you can catch up with me….here…anytime…..shoot the want/challenge…

  7. system……these. bright students have to go in shelter of corruption just bcoz they want to study in good college……

    • And then we say that….the students /youngsters are getting corrupt….but still I feel the right path is the best…and I request all the youngsters there to have patience ..and believe in themselves…

  8. The idea of reservation was originated to save the exploited people from the exploitations and to raise the standards of their lives. It was necessary back then. But now it has just become the evil seed of a poisonous tree, dividing our society and its people all over again. The reservation system has become a woodoo doll in the hands of the crooked politicians and is being misused by certain profit takers..

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