I am a happy-go-lucky & very positive person. An educationist by profession. I believe that positive attitude for everything is the key to be happy. I love counselling and motivating, especially youngsters.Reading, Writing, dancing, Traveling, Making people Smile, Social Service, Educating fall under my interests. I am very fond of reading and am open to all sort of books, except science Fiction .I just cannot Digest them. I also like to read books written by Indian authors.I cannot survive without music it makes life so good and fresh. I like music of all kind. It actually depends on the mood as to what I want to hear.I love Mother Nature a lot and can sit alone for hours at a good natural place and ponder over the good creations of The Almighty.

I like to live life to the fullest. Enjoy man we only get life once so why don’t we make the best of it.I was earlier into a lot of sports but with the job in my hand I seldom get time to play. But I am always open to an opportunity where I can try my hands in sports such as Chess,badminton,Table Tennis.Swimming,Pool,Cricket Etc.Lastly I played Table tennis when I was in Hyderabad where I had gone for my company’s National Meet. My mantra in life is that in a fit Body there is always a fit mind. I am very conscious about not getting fat into me.I like to eat food which is served with love so I am not very choosy about cuisines.

The Idiot box is a solid no to me most of the times and when I do watch, I just like to see the music channels & sports channel, or National Geography & Discovery.

mythoughtjunction is a place where I will like to jot down my ideas, feelings and thoughts that generate in my mind & heart & which I would like to share with you all.

I have my another blog. we-ham.blogspot.com. WeHaveAMission blog is a small dream of mine, a mission basically dedicated to the women, girl child, poor & needy, who face a lot of problems in their life and are always facing unnecessary hardships. It will also cater to  Promoting Education & Saving Our Environment and against other evils prevailing in the society.

I hope you all will have a good, enjoyable and positive ride through my blogs.

Happy reading to all.

Take Care. God Bless Us All Bo Be Worthy Of the Human Birth We Got




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