Hi, A Lover and Bye, A Stranger

Hello, Namaste, Sat-Sriakal & Salaam to all my friends.

Well after the maddening poem on MAD, Mythoughtjunction is back with a lot of stuff to fill in the vacuum created since 25th May, 2012.                                 

To start with, I am sharing, herein a poem again.            

Just in my imaginations struck the thought of writing a few lines on the two most commonly used essential addresses of our day to day communication- “Hi” & “Bye”

Hi, A Lover and Bye, A Stranger

1. There was a guy named Hi.

           He always had a smile.

     With an ever welcoming style.

           And his spirits were always high.

2. There was a girl named Bye.

           She was always in trend.

      And the best she knew was to bring things to an end.

            This she did with out any shy.

3.  Strange was their first meeting.

           In the college canteen while eating.

4. For Hi, seeing Bye was like love at first sight.

      In reverse for Bye it was normal and her thoughts never took any flight.

5. Now for Hi, Bye was the reason for his existence.

           But for Bye, Hi never had an existence.

6. For Hi, Bye  was motivation personified.

           The reason for each of his smile.

     A person for whom he could blindly loose anything.

            Even his life and die.

7. Bye on the other hand had no such feelings.

            She was intelligent & materialism was there as the main part of all her dealings.

      She was Beautiful, so her Ego was high and always at the top of the Ceilings.

            She was a 21st Century girl, who never cared for Hi’s feelings.

8. So Bye left Hi.

              Whenever she saw Hi, she showed him his back.

     On the other hand, Hi still had a smile for her with his face high.

               His eyes filled with delight and gazing the sky.

So my dear friends, this is how Hi & Bye are related to each other. Though separate in reality, but always together in our conversations.

I hope, my imagination and creation goes well with your tastes and moods. 

Have a Great Day and Life.

From The Desk of



MAD – Striving To Make Dehradun Glad

Hey there, Good Morning to all

I know you all have been missing Mythoughtjunction, as there hasn’t been anything new happening since a very long time.

Well, not to worry, the long wait is over. I am back with something BAD, something SAD and something Really MAD to make you all GLAD.

I hope you all will like the small effort I have made. Again as a little surprise, today I am going to extend towards you a poem, for a Great MAD Group, I recently became a Part of.

So Guys fasten your seat belts as here we go on the ride of a lyrical journey of MAD.

MAD Striving To Make Dehradun Glad

MAD – The Group of Unpolluted & Fresh Minds, Working in Union to Remove The Pollution From Doon

This is the story of seven young friends,

Who believed in making their own trends.

A similarity in all these friends,

They were firm and knew how to straighten the bends.

The Think Tanks & The Starters of MAD

 They loved their Doon like their Eight friend.

They believed in friendship and in the essence of being true friends.

Bad State of The Tapkeshwar River Before The Clean-Up Drive

 They were very worried as the condition of the Streets & Rivers of their Doon was very bad.

Looking at this State of their Doon, they all were really sad.

Every time in their groups they raised this issue, but most of the people, some even their friends started calling them Mad.

They wanted to Make A Difference, so in Union Said, “Okay, Let’s Be MAD”.

Spearheads of MAD

Thus MAD came in to life, with seven minds but, one heart.

Their thought was one so it took a steady start.

Difference in the world is made slowly.

So these seven friends started moving steadily.

Young Guns Securing The Future of Doon….Great Job..Guys

When people their age  are busy enjoying, they were cleaning the rivers & planting trees.

With the only expectations that in later stages there will be cool, fresh breeze.

When the thinking men of the city are unmoved & leading a life of ease.

Their (Maddian’s) little endeavors for them(thinking men) are a satirical tease.

Maddian’s Cleaning The Tapkeshwar Temple River

MAD Started with Seven Members.

Soon it touched Seventy.

In no time became Seven Hundred.

Today we are Two Thousand Five Hundred & Sixty Eight & Still Counting with a glow.

And it’s just the beginning of the Roar as MAD has Miles to go.

MAD – Becoming A Huge Group of Like Minded Youngsters and Individuals

If Seeing A Difference is Sad, then we are SAD.

If Being A Difference is Bad, then we are BAD.

IF Making A Difference is Mad, Then we are MAD.

Why not Making A Difference actually gives us the reason to be GLAD.

Yes we are glad that we are MAD.

No Age Is Young. “For A Determined Group…..Nothing Is Impossible”.

Hey Friends, sometimes it’s really good to be MAD. And when the interest is the Society and Environment then, there is no need to think even for once. Come just be a part of MAD. And Yeah! Who knows you really could Make The Difference.

Till I Meet you all with another post of mine, let Maddian’s Rock Doon..Or Should I Say, the Nation.

That’s it From the Desk of

MAD Manavprithveesh

The Bond of a Butterfly & a Pearl

Hey there, Good Morning to all

I am back with something different, and I hope you guys will like the small effort I have made. To the surprise of all, today I am not going to extend towards you an article, but my very first poem.

We all have our imaginative and real worlds. And we see all those things in our fantasy world, which in reality doesn’t exist. So we build our own world in our mind and heart, which is pretty different, and fairy then the existing real world.

So in the same process, I too dream and imagine, and somewhere in my thoughts I got this unique idea of a beautiful & loving bond between a butterfly & a pearl. So here I am sharing what I felt.

         The Bond of a Butterfly & a Pearl        

1. A December from the Social world of Orkut

There came a butterfly into a Pearl’s life.

2. The Butterfly was pretty and she could fly.

The Pearl a person simple, stupid and shy.

She was young, intelligent and wise

He an honest person, though as cold as Ice.

3. She impatient always wanting to fly high

He patient & always keeping her grounded, though with a sigh.

She as soft as feather.

He as tough as leather.

4. She aimed at the sky & so flew at her will.

Went far away for days & made his life come to a stand still.

She was very young and eager to run

He was there as a part of her fun.

5. At times she got carried away.

And tried going with the sway.

He was her true friend and there to stay.

At such situations he always brought her to bay.

6. Most of the times they fought and there was a lot of gag.

And thus, The Pearl became her natural punching bag

When she was sad he became her clown.

But when ever she looked at him she just gave a frown.

7. The butterfly appeared a thorough business woman

Her actions said she could make a Jack Ass of a common man

The Pearl an intelligent, angry but patient common man

Most of the times kept his cool like an Ice Chilled Thump-Up Can

8. The truth, the Butterfly cared and admired the pearl more then the Pearl did.

Her only fault, she never expressed what she actually in her heart did.

9. Her heart was as pure as gold

Which no one could buy, neither could it be sold.

To the materialistic, world let it be told

That the Bond of The Butterfly & The Pearl

 is more valuable than millions of Gold.

This poem of mine is dedicated to all the true friends, who really know the meaning of a real friend and are always there with their friends, come, what, May. They don’t have a price tag on themselves and just stand selflessly for the ones they call their friends.

Hey guys with Valentine’s Day round the Corner, let’s make healthy and good friendships, of which we all can be so proud of at the later stages of our life. Don’t mix filth and materialism with this great relation; known all over the world by the adjective –“True Friend”.

We all have our butterflies and pearl’s. So go catch hold of them, if you have abandoned them from your life. May be because of a mistake, an ego, a misunderstanding, or any damn thing. Just take the first step & say a Sorry. This would be the first & most appropriate use of this word in your life.

Well this is it for the day.

Guys I hope you liked this poem. It may not have had all the elements of a great poem, but then it’s my imagination and I hope, if you guys will give me two out of ten also for my efforts then I am satisfied.

Will be coming with more on the bond of the butterfly & the Pearl in near future.

Till the next

Be Healthy, Be safe. Make a nice day and life ahead.

Bye from the desk of