Is this The Education We Wanted For Our Children

Well friends, another one bite the dust. Treating you all with another itch, an article.

Dedicating my post to the younger generation, who are the future of every parent as well as each country.

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Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children

I was shocked when some months back, I came across a News…”Admission racket in DU busted, three arrested”

Well I was not shocked at the news, but at what was inside the news…A girl aspirant who had scored 91 per cent in Class XII, gets fake caste certificates for Rs. three to five lakhs for getting her admitted in B.Com course in the institution.

Hey, I mean after getting 91%, she still has to get fake caste certificates to get admitted to a Good College…. Isn’t it ridiculous…. At one end we talk about stopping corruption and at the very start of our children’s career they or we have to corrupt ourselves/themselves…. What sort of Education is this? What short of Democracy is this??????

Its time that the youth rises up, understands their potential, breaks the shackles and protests against all this Murky Business…otherwise…that day isn’t far when Humanity, Luv, Honesty, Hard work and Generosity would just be words only found in books, loosing their actual meaning and essence..

I am an educator, and I just love this profession. But today’s news has just…left jitters in my mind and heart…. Well if the seeds which the Farmer sows…start to rotten up in the beginning only, then how can their be a good yield…

The students who are the future of our Country, study hard to score good marks. And even after doing so they are not getting good colleges…Thanks to the system of merit and quota ………The same students who dream to be Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Singers, Dancers, and Photographers…etc…fight at bottom level with one another…..for the best opportunities……and when things get tougher…..they indulge into corruption……the few students did in the above-mentioned news……

I feel so pained and would strikingly ask the prevailing system that, “Kambakhton Kam ke Kam Students Ko to Baqsho….. and let them study peacefully in an healthier environment, to make a better country.”

Being an Educationist, I feel its our responsibility to vouch for our younger generations, who really want to Make A Difference. Well I am doing my small part and I promise I won’t stop.

At the end, I am forced to ask all the Parents and Elders that, “Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children?”

Please request all to take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and read the complete note and ask your friends too, to read, share and comment so that a small roar can be heard…

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Oh! “Shit, I knew This All, but……………

Hi! Friends,

So what’s up? I hope my posts are interesting and worth the time you all give to it.

Today again, I would like to dedicate my post to the younger generation, who are the future of every parent as well as each country.

Guys, there are so many facts of life that we all know, but we still commit the same mistakes and errors, we shouldn’t actually be committing.

And when our elders or teachers or sometimes even our close friends remind us about these silly repeated mistakes, then most of us say, “OK, I have committed the same mistake again.”  “So what, I am 21 or may be 25 or may be 30 years of age, and I have so much time in life to learn and better myself.” Let me bloody learn my own way. You just keep your trap shut.”

Fine you want to learn your own way, but guys there are opportunities which will come by your door step, may be just once or may be twice & by the way, if you believe in luck then you may get a third chance too. But then that’s it.

Don’t you all think, that if we change our thinking process of taking everything so lightly and casually, then may be our lives would be much better and stable?

Why do we fail? How can we change better ourselves? What is the Success Mantra of Great Leaders?

Well the answer to all these questions, may most probably be in the small presentation, which I am sharing here with all of you. Check it, and I am 100% sure, most of you will say,

“Oh! Shit, I knew all this before, but I never implemented on it”.

And if that’s really what you say, then my dear friends just go ahead and get the learning into realistic and actual execution.

Ending with a beautiful quote, ” Successful people don’t do different things, they just do things differently.”

That’s it for the day. I hope you all will have a nice ride through the Post.

So, till the next one, let me park my pen in the mind’s parking.

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 Facts We All Know_But Only a F

Final Battle-The Count Down Begins

Examination Mantra

Hi, This post is especially dedicated to all my Young School & College Going Friends Preparing for their Final Battle, i.e. Examinations.

With examinations preparation going on in full swing, students across various academic streams are ready to fight out for their competencies, intelligence and hard work.

Some are fully loaded. Some are half loaded. And the rest have all the ammunition, but they are not sure which to pick for the final battle.

As it is; stakes are high: Whole year’s hard work would be tested in one month.

March marks the future of most of the students, when they write their finals. CCE for tenth is good option for a lot of students, who are afraid of boards.

For the confident and the properly planned ones, boards or CCE both are equals. They are done with their syllabus and are now just practicing on sample papers at large.

Matter of concern is for those who are last minute risers. They must be in a stage of dilemma and confusion as to what they should study and what they should leave. For these students the best resource for peace and inspiration are all the Gods and Goddesses. But here I would like to give them a candid advice that, God also helps those who help themselves. That is, there is no short cut to success. You guys still have time, so fasten your seat belts and start giving your best. The result would be much better this way, then just buttering God with allurements.

Each of the student studies with the dream and ambition of clearing his/her final’s with flying colors. No matter how good or bad you may have prepared, the victory goes to those who don’t lose their cool at the last time.

What I am talking about is Examination Phobia.

So how do we come out of it? So instead of writing much on it in the post, I would like to share with you all my dear young friends a small presentation “Examination Mantra”.

Check it out, may be it help you guys in some way.

Happy Examinations. Besties to all.

May all of you achieve the best result for the hard work you all have put.

 “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”.

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All Is Well, Only If We All Have Positivity and Self Confidence in Ourselves .

Well long time back I had joined Lifee Izzz A Racceee … If u Dont Run Fassst …. U will Be a Broken Anda and since its foundation its had got already around 16,536 members & in its kitty, that was when I joined this group….and I think in the coming future it will most probably have thousands more luring to be a part of it. Well actually there is nothing wrong in being a part of such a Social groups. But not the way the youth today is getting lured by the fancies or characters of the people who actually have no right to be our Ideals.

Hey, you should run fast to an extent where you don’t just lose your roots, humanity and above all the sense of Integrity & Dignity of labor. Well it’s not all about race, it’s about the kind of attitude you Have. So My Mantra in Life has always been….Come, What, May Just be POSITIVE & Than in life & work All Will Always be Well. Cheers to life…

Now lets take for an instance, in the movie Three Idiots, Aamir had played a Reel Character of Rancho, for that is his bread and butter and he makes money out of it. So his portrayal of any damn role has to be bloody convincing. And he has really done it with Perfection. I give him Kudos and a great Round of applause, but then hey guys lets move ahead and not get influenced by a character. Lets rather be our own Rancho, Farhan. Chatur, Etc. But be what you originally are and what you actually want to be. Seeing a movie just don’t dump a career or a Vocation in the middle, for now after seeing this Movie you feel that you should hear your heart. Please don’t do that, rather complete the task in hand than, may be you can do what you feel is right.

I am really shocked when I see these kind of unrealistic judgments our Youth makes. I mean an organization like SPIC MACAY with which I am associated since last 20 Years, has been there since 37 long Years. Kiran Seth Sir Kudos to you, just because of your foresight & Vision that  SPIC MACAY  does not need an Introduction, but we still have only a few hundred Members in it. Hey does this mean that Youth of today still wants Reel Life to influence them?????? or Real Live Talks, Concert, Workshops, etc which have the essence and power to impact their lives in a much better way?????

Make Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Birjoo Maharaj,Teejan Bai, Hari Prasad Chaurasia Ji,and hundreds of other Great Legends of Indian Classical Music, Art and Dance your Ideal rather than a Mere Film Actor. Please Jara Socheyieaga Zaroor. They are the Real Achievers to be influenced from. If you haven’t yet got a Chance to do so, than don’t you worry come be a part of SPIC MACAY and you may get a glimpse of the Real Legends and Hey I assure that Here in SPIC MACAY All IS ALWAYZ WELL.

Hey guys I liked Three Idiots as a movie and the message it gave. That’s it and I move ahead. As an individual I believe in myself and in whatever I do. And I think I don’t need an Aamir or a Shahrukh to Influence me or my decisions. I would rather follow the paths of Gandhi Ji, Vivekananda Ji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar and many others who are the actual Hero for me in the real sense……

Similarly, I think we all don’t need An Anna Hazare (no disrespect to the Great Sir) who puts his life in danger for us by fasting and reminding us to fight corruption. I mean the whole group(Annaji’s Group) of people, who tried to support him & do good to the society, are now themselves under national scrutiny by the center & are trying their best to come out of it all, in their own ways. And well it may suit them as they belong to that class or level, but why are we becoming stupid and running behind these agitations or fasts. Man we have much better things to do then be sitting in a fast or supporting it. As that wont really help, it will only increase the attendance.

Lets just remember a thumb rule that, stop corruption at our individual levels and then see that all will be well around us. Please be confident and believe in yourself. Get influenced, but make sure that the person or organization you are getting influenced will affect your lives in a Positive manner. Don’t follow someone for his/her riches, instead follow someone for his /her deed that are selfless, that’s what will help you all in long run and will help you surely in making your lives better…. Don’t try to change the system, change yourself. That’s it.

So ending with a line that keeps moving in my mind and heart, “Be Positive, Confident and be the Masters of your destiny rather than being slaves in others success.”

So till the next post its

Good Morning to all

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