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Modernism At What Cost????? “Are We Really Free or Are We Still The Slaves of West in Aping The Negatives”

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Happy Republic Day to all my Indian friends and Hello and Good Morning to all the other visitors to my blog.

Back again with another of my thoughts. Something most of us know. The irony; that we still are unmoved and just say, to hell with the thought…..Jaisa chal raha hai chalne do. Never mind just doing my part, and you all do what suits your attitude, moods and conscience.

With the beginning of the New Year we ought to at least give it a stern consideration as to where we all are heading towards.

In the country which is exceedingly acknowledged and accredited for Her Love, Harmony, Devout Traditions, Cultures, Ethnicity, Unity in Diversity and so many other unique traits. What kind of wind is swaying away Her uniqueness and why is She Loosing the centuries old Opulence and Magnificence, and why is She becoming a copy cat. When the Alien Countries are so much inclined and fascinated towards our high esteemed and classical style, culture, customs and traditions. Why are we then aping the Western Culture which stands nowhere near to our’s Sacred one.

I think, if we call the coming age as a new sexual age, then it won’t be wrong. I remember that when I was a twelve-thirteen year old child, I used to see good and healthy relationship between boys & girls. There was not a fast pace of sexual revelation. Now when I have crossed about one-third of my life, I am really very shocked by seeing the drastic change in the thinking, character, or it can be rightly said an over all change in the personality of a human being. Humanity, True Friendship & Love seems to have lost deep down, somewhere & selfish & materialist fulfillment of Personal desires seem to have taken their place. We have entered into a world where words like “friendship”, “Honesty”, “Love” & “Humanity” all seem to be just bookish subjects. Life has become so fast that now every body, especially the young boys & girls want to experience everything fast & get all pleasures fast.

This changed climate is getting evident in the schools & colleges which are supposed to be the centers & temples of Education & Knowledge. As a result, the younger generation instead of concentrating on their studies is getting into relationships, which more often than often, are exposing the darker side of sexual freedom.

Well like Swami Vivekanandji; I too am not opposed to the positives and learning from the West.  For Vivekanandji knew that Western people had some great qualities and it was because of those qualities that they became so rich & powerful. He wanted India to learn science and technology from the West and its power to organize and also its practical sense. But at the same We (Indians) must retain High Moral and Spiritual Idealism.

The information boom and availability of every thing at a finger tip, is a great sign of global set up we are entering. But are we really making use of the good things available or aren’t we going towards the wrong track. With all the types of large number of Channels and sites which are serving everything that is worthless and which are more & more setting a fast pace of Extra- Modernism & Sexual Revelation. As a result of which sexual experience for many girls and boys is something like Fad Fashion, something to wear & flaunt, something where love stand no where and is only a say word & relations just mean nothing, but sexual revelation.

In this new sexual age, the time has come that we all should fasten our seat belts and should give it a serious thought and in unity need to do something very soon. Otherwise our whole generation will be lost before they comeback to their mooring. Let us teach our young generation the greatness of character, love & humanity. Let’s first ourselves feel & imbibe things from inside & than inculcate in them (the young generation) the feelings of good life style of Character & Commitment, & not casualness.

I think that its time we bring this Extra- Modernism & Materialism to a stop, otherwise the future would be so dark, where even the dawn of the sun won’t help us in our dawn from darkness.

Think it over Guys!!!!!! & lets ask ourselves: Modernism At What Cost?.

So till we meet again. Take care…..and make a good day and life ahead. Be Positive as always.

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