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Is this The Education We Wanted For Our Children

Well friends, another one bite the dust. Treating you all with another itch, an article.

Dedicating my post to the younger generation, who are the future of every parent as well as each country.

So without speak much, I straight away bounce on the topic. Here we Go…………..

Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children

I was shocked when some months back, I came across a News…”Admission racket in DU busted, three arrested”

Well I was not shocked at the news, but at what was inside the news…A girl aspirant who had scored 91 per cent in Class XII, gets fake caste certificates for Rs. three to five lakhs for getting her admitted in B.Com course in the institution.

Hey, I mean after getting 91%, she still has to get fake caste certificates to get admitted to a Good College…. Isn’t it ridiculous…. At one end we talk about stopping corruption and at the very start of our children’s career they or we have to corrupt ourselves/themselves…. What sort of Education is this? What short of Democracy is this??????

Its time that the youth rises up, understands their potential, breaks the shackles and protests against all this Murky Business…otherwise…that day isn’t far when Humanity, Luv, Honesty, Hard work and Generosity would just be words only found in books, loosing their actual meaning and essence..

I am an educator, and I just love this profession. But today’s news has just…left jitters in my mind and heart…. Well if the seeds which the Farmer sows…start to rotten up in the beginning only, then how can their be a good yield…

The students who are the future of our Country, study hard to score good marks. And even after doing so they are not getting good colleges…Thanks to the system of merit and quota ………The same students who dream to be Engineers, Doctors, Managers, Singers, Dancers, and Photographers…etc…fight at bottom level with one another…..for the best opportunities……and when things get tougher…..they indulge into corruption…..like…the few students did in the above-mentioned news……

I feel so pained and would strikingly ask the prevailing system that, “Kambakhton Kam ke Kam Students Ko to Baqsho….. and let them study peacefully in an healthier environment, to make a better country.”

Being an Educationist, I feel its our responsibility to vouch for our younger generations, who really want to Make A Difference. Well I am doing my small part and I promise I won’t stop.

At the end, I am forced to ask all the Parents and Elders that, “Is this The Education We Wanted/Want For Our Children?”

Please request all to take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and read the complete note and ask your friends too, to read, share and comment so that a small roar can be heard…

That’s it for the day. Have a nice ride through mythoughtjunction.

Will be treating you all with some more stuff…..very soon.

Till then, parking my thoughts.

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Hi, A Lover and Bye, A Stranger

Hello, Namaste, Sat-Sriakal & Salaam to all my friends.

Well after the maddening poem on MAD, Mythoughtjunction is back with a lot of stuff to fill in the vacuum created since 25th May, 2012.                                 

To start with, I am sharing, herein a poem again.            

Just in my imaginations struck the thought of writing a few lines on the two most commonly used essential addresses of our day to day communication- “Hi” & “Bye”

Hi, A Lover and Bye, A Stranger

1. There was a guy named Hi.

           He always had a smile.

     With an ever welcoming style.

           And his spirits were always high.

2. There was a girl named Bye.

           She was always in trend.

      And the best she knew was to bring things to an end.

            This she did with out any shy.

3.  Strange was their first meeting.

           In the college canteen while eating.

4. For Hi, seeing Bye was like love at first sight.

      In reverse for Bye it was normal and her thoughts never took any flight.

5. Now for Hi, Bye was the reason for his existence.

           But for Bye, Hi never had an existence.

6. For Hi, Bye  was motivation personified.

           The reason for each of his smile.

     A person for whom he could blindly loose anything.

            Even his life and die.

7. Bye on the other hand had no such feelings.

            She was intelligent & materialism was there as the main part of all her dealings.

      She was Beautiful, so her Ego was high and always at the top of the Ceilings.

            She was a 21st Century girl, who never cared for Hi’s feelings.

8. So Bye left Hi.

              Whenever she saw Hi, she showed him his back.

     On the other hand, Hi still had a smile for her with his face high.

               His eyes filled with delight and gazing the sky.

So my dear friends, this is how Hi & Bye are related to each other. Though separate in reality, but always together in our conversations.

I hope, my imagination and creation goes well with your tastes and moods. 

Have a Great Day and Life.

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