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Final Battle-The Count Down Begins

Examination Mantra

Hi, This post is especially dedicated to all my Young School & College Going Friends Preparing for their Final Battle, i.e. Examinations.

With examinations preparation going on in full swing, students across various academic streams are ready to fight out for their competencies, intelligence and hard work.

Some are fully loaded. Some are half loaded. And the rest have all the ammunition, but they are not sure which to pick for the final battle.

As it is; stakes are high: Whole year’s hard work would be tested in one month.

March marks the future of most of the students, when they write their finals. CCE for tenth is good option for a lot of students, who are afraid of boards.

For the confident and the properly planned ones, boards or CCE both are equals. They are done with their syllabus and are now just practicing on sample papers at large.

Matter of concern is for those who are last minute risers. They must be in a stage of dilemma and confusion as to what they should study and what they should leave. For these students the best resource for peace and inspiration are all the Gods and Goddesses. But here I would like to give them a candid advice that, God also helps those who help themselves. That is, there is no short cut to success. You guys still have time, so fasten your seat belts and start giving your best. The result would be much better this way, then just buttering God with allurements.

Each of the student studies with the dream and ambition of clearing his/her final’s with flying colors. No matter how good or bad you may have prepared, the victory goes to those who don’t lose their cool at the last time.

What I am talking about is Examination Phobia.

So how do we come out of it? So instead of writing much on it in the post, I would like to share with you all my dear young friends a small presentation “Examination Mantra”.

Check it out, may be it help you guys in some way.

Happy Examinations. Besties to all.

May all of you achieve the best result for the hard work you all have put.

 “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”.

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