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MAD – Striving To Make Dehradun Glad

Hey there, Good Morning to all

I know you all have been missing Mythoughtjunction, as there hasn’t been anything new happening since a very long time.

Well, not to worry, the long wait is over. I am back with something BAD, something SAD and something Really MAD to make you all GLAD.

I hope you all will like the small effort I have made. Again as a little surprise, today I am going to extend towards you a poem, for a Great MAD Group, I recently became a Part of.

So Guys fasten your seat belts as here we go on the ride of a lyrical journey of MAD.

MAD Striving To Make Dehradun Glad

MAD – The Group of Unpolluted & Fresh Minds, Working in Union to Remove The Pollution From Doon

This is the story of seven young friends,

Who believed in making their own trends.

A similarity in all these friends,

They were firm and knew how to straighten the bends.

The Think Tanks & The Starters of MAD

 They loved their Doon like their Eight friend.

They believed in friendship and in the essence of being true friends.

Bad State of The Tapkeshwar River Before The Clean-Up Drive

 They were very worried as the condition of the Streets & Rivers of their Doon was very bad.

Looking at this State of their Doon, they all were really sad.

Every time in their groups they raised this issue, but most of the people, some even their friends started calling them Mad.

They wanted to Make A Difference, so in Union Said, “Okay, Let’s Be MAD”.

Spearheads of MAD

Thus MAD came in to life, with seven minds but, one heart.

Their thought was one so it took a steady start.

Difference in the world is made slowly.

So these seven friends started moving steadily.

Young Guns Securing The Future of Doon….Great Job..Guys

When people their age  are busy enjoying, they were cleaning the rivers & planting trees.

With the only expectations that in later stages there will be cool, fresh breeze.

When the thinking men of the city are unmoved & leading a life of ease.

Their (Maddian’s) little endeavors for them(thinking men) are a satirical tease.

Maddian’s Cleaning The Tapkeshwar Temple River

MAD Started with Seven Members.

Soon it touched Seventy.

In no time became Seven Hundred.

Today we are Two Thousand Five Hundred & Sixty Eight & Still Counting with a glow.

And it’s just the beginning of the Roar as MAD has Miles to go.

MAD – Becoming A Huge Group of Like Minded Youngsters and Individuals

If Seeing A Difference is Sad, then we are SAD.

If Being A Difference is Bad, then we are BAD.

IF Making A Difference is Mad, Then we are MAD.

Why not Making A Difference actually gives us the reason to be GLAD.

Yes we are glad that we are MAD.

No Age Is Young. “For A Determined Group…..Nothing Is Impossible”.

Hey Friends, sometimes it’s really good to be MAD. And when the interest is the Society and Environment then, there is no need to think even for once. Come just be a part of MAD. And Yeah! Who knows you really could Make The Difference.

Till I Meet you all with another post of mine, let Maddian’s Rock Doon..Or Should I Say, the Nation.

That’s it From the Desk of

MAD Manavprithveesh