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Think!!!!! Who is The Real Loser?

Namaskaar to all…Well again I am Back to share with you all an Itch…..that was resting in  mythoughtjunction since long.

                    It’s A  Dialogue between A person who can see and a blind:

The person who can see- “Thank God, I have eyes to see the beauty and creations of The God .I wish you too had eyes to see what all we can see. Must say sorry.”

The Blind Person-“Don’t worry. I am happy the way I am, for I can See the Creator Himself. i.e. The God, without what you all have. And please you don’t have to be sorry for us. Instead do something to make your world the way, the creator gave to you.”

The Person who Could see Left the place in Silence.

Message – Instead of showing sympathy to people who have lost some thing in their lives, feel pity at the virtues, values and manners you have lost. Be Sad at the loss of the Greatness you were born for.

The Blind Is Not Actually Blind…..We Are The Real Ones Who Can’t actually See….For We know That A Lot of Things & Actions are Bad, Unethical & Wrong…But We Still Do Them..& till Eternity We Will Keep Committing The Wrong.

 So Think Guys!!!!! Who Is The Real Loser In The Longer Run?????